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Diamond Challahs

Challah Braided Diamond - DB_edited.jpg

Braided Diamond Challah

Braided Pain De Mie - DB.jpeg

Braided Water Challah

Diamond Ryes

SM Deli Small Rye Carraway - DB.jpg

Rye Carraway

sizes available: 
• Deli Mini 
 Deli Small • Deli • Batard • Deli Large

SM Deli Small Pumpernickel Rye - DB.jpg

Pumpernickel Rye

sizes available: 
 Deli Small 

SM Deli Mini Rye - DB.jpg


sizes available: 
 Deli Small 

SM Batard Marble Rye - DB.jpg

Marble Rye

sizes available: 

SM Deli Small Onion Rye Carraway Onion Poppy with Onion Poppy - DB.jpg

Onion Poppy Rye Carraway

sizes available: 
 Deli Small 

SM Deli Rye Carraway with Carraway - DB.jpg

Rye Carraway w/ Carraway

sizes available: 

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